ZAYLAND was a vibe to work with. He is extremely professional and motivated. You can tell just off interacting with him, that he knows what he wants and he is destined to be a musician. It is a huge part of his everyday life. As a matter of fact, when asked what his hobbies are, he literally couldn't think of anything outside of music. His team is airtight and extremely inspiring. This is definitely a project to be proud of. He is an immaculate artist for sure and we all enjoyed experiencing it together to provide a brief review from Romii, Shirley and Mimi of Vibes Texas. 



ZAYLAND provided such an overall tasteful project. I’m not saying I was impressed because I know he’s extremely talented, but I was anxious to hear more after hearing his first track, “Forgot Who I Was”. It is relatable and shows his confidence to set the tone of the project. 


My first real introduction to his music was when he was one of the headliners on an event Vibes Texas did in collaboration with MFL Worldwide, which is based in Austin. I didn’t really know what to expect, but when you talk with Zay he’s so chill and humble that it creates a comfortable connection with him. His performance was crazy! He was rapping his a** off and switched from singing to rapping and that's when I was like, "Yo this guy is mad talented!". The crowd was vibing with and gave him their full attention. It was great! I got a glimpse into the talent that Austin has to offer that night also. 


Favorite Tracks: 

 St. Thomas, 500, Wax & Rose, Her Interlude & Floating. 

Review provided by Romii Rae, Founder (@romiirae on all platforms) 



ZAYLAND delivers his debut album entitled, "From Texas, With Love". As a first time listener, "Forgot Who I Was" is the best introduction to his sound. It was like something you play in your car on a summer night and just drive to destination nowhere. To top it all off, the production didn’t disappoint throughout this entire project. He also featured Dallas very own; Spike Chester, Devy Stonez, LaVoyce, and Dee Gatti. I hope to hear more from ZAYLAND in years to come as well as more Dallas collaborations. 


Favorite Tracks:

Forgot Who I Was, St. Thomas, Let's Go, 500 Degrees, Her Interlude

Review provided by Shirley, Creative Director (@shirleysalinas_ on all platforms) 



"From Texas, With Love" is a half hour project by a Texas native named ZAYLAND. His voice is both profound and soothing at the same time. This project showcases ZAYLAND's diversity. He incorporates the Spanish language in his song entitled “St. Thomas", which features Luna Luna and vocals by Kavvi. This helps ZAYLAND reach a broader audience. His intriguing style will keep you listening from start to finish. He also has some of the most talented artists from Dallas featured on this album. It’s safe to say that this is the project of the summer, hands down! 


Favorite tracks:

St. Thomas, Her Interlude, Floating, 500 

Review provided by Mimi, Creative Director  (@mimismalls__ on Twitter) 

Thank you so much for reading!

With Love, Vibes Texas

Fun facts about ZAYLAND

  • Born in Tokyo

  • Plays piano and saxophone

  • Hobbies include chilling and making music.

  • Inspired by Childish Gambino, Frank Ocean, A Tribe Called Quest, Sade, his parents & John Coltrane

  • He Turned 22 on July 22nd, "It's like a rebirth, because I was born on a Wednesday and my birthday is on a Wednesday this year", he says.