A QnA between Spike Chester and Romii from Vibes

Spike, Let's break the ice! Where are you from? Rep it. 

From the West side of Dallas, Texas. Born and raised. My whole family is from there. It’s my home for real.

I believe I was introduced to you after seeing a video of you are our "Beats & Art" event on the mic in the crowd. When did you enter into the music scene here in Dallas? Or how were you introduced to it? 

Yeah people were sending me videos of me rapping at your event, they ain’t even know I made music, I was mainly producing lol; then you reached out. That was a lot of people’s introduction to me as an artist. Before that I was just a spectator. That was probably the start of how people know me today, but I been rapping seriously since like 2017.

Do you think the pandemic will affect you in anyway in the future? If so, how or why not?

I feel like if you can adapt with the world changing you always gon be good. Sure a few things may make me more cautious, but its just natural. I’m more so making sure my loved ones are staying straight, I know I’ll be good regardless.

Are you the oldest or the youngest of your siblings?

I’m the youngest of 4. The only boy too. My sisters call me little big brother lol.

Cold sandwiches or warm?

Hot fasho

Why music? What created such a passion for it? 

Definitely growing up in the church, that was my first introduction to live music. I joined the band in 6th grade and played through high school. After 10th grade I started writing and it grew from there.

Jimmy Johns or Subway?

Subway breakfast is the one

White out or Black out twitter? 

White, it’s a cleaner look to me

Do you wake up and brush your teeth, wake and bake or wake up and scroll social media in the morning?

Wake up and pray

Trump or Bernie?

It’s the lesser of 2 evils. But I gotta go with Bernie

Do you feel the pandemic forces artist to be more interactive or less? 

Definitely more interactive. You see all the producer battles, artists interacting with their fans. I love it. It’s even made me more interactive, and I’m not really into social media all the time.

If you could be one thing except a musician what would it be? 

I’d be an architect, designing homes probably