I first moved to Dallas in 2015. Being fresh and new to the scene I had the chance to see it from a different perspective. Seeing what the city has to offer and what the city needs more of from the outside looking in. Born and raised in Tyler, Texas, I was so use to living in the country the city was so amazing to me. I've always been a planner and ambitious! I knew seeing how everyone was so passionate about their own craft would immediately push me to go harder! I started out as the door girl for We Are Dallas, a very influential and inspiring platform for the culture. Working with the guys helped me get familiar with the underground scene. I will never forget how much they helped, guided me and just made sure I stayed true to who I am. I started promoting and helping with events. I promoted for Migos, Curren$y, A$AP Ferg and a lot more. Worked SZA's first concert in Dallas, July 2015. Met Nas at a Mass Appeal event at SXSW in 2015. It was so surreal. A small town country girl working with and meeting artists I never thought I'd ever meet. Things just started coming together and people became more familiar with who I was and what I was trying to do.

November 2015, I threw my first Art mixer with a great friend and business partner, Dowdy. We knew we wanted to do something unique, something that would cater to both of our wants. Adding art and local clothing lines was essential to the vibe we wanted to provide. He has his own clothing line, Trial N Error, and I grew up with an arts & crafts upbringing so we combined them both. Music, was a must tbough. We have so many friends that create some great music, but don't necessarily have the following to matter to the bigger companies that could potentially help them take the next step or connect them with the right people. We tried to collaborate with a few local curators because we just thought we needed a bigger name to help the event be successful, but was turned down. So, we said F*** it. Let's create our own our own event and named it "Random Art Mixer". We had Mike G, from Odd Future on the line up and he even brought a few from the group along with Jimmy aka F.O.A.R, Mac Miller's best friend, to host. With my following and his following combined we created a very diverse event. That's where I realized my reach was a lot higher than I had given myself credit for. I took a break after that event from the scene for about a year to regroup and get my life together. I was struggling financially and mentally during that time and I knew if I wanted to be someone to take serious I had to handle my own negatives to be completely positive going back. 

July 2017, I threw "Vibes" at Drugstore Cowboy in Deep Ellum. No cover and open mic with a line up of nothing, but local artists. It wasn't even planned to be honest. A friend had booked the venue and ended up offering it to be used. I didn't expect it to do as well as it did. I didn't plan to have art in the event at all either. Art By Martell, asked could he come and display some pieces at the event. I thought the venue was too small or that people would damage his art so I was real indecisive about it, but he insisted and it all worked out. After that night I knew I couldn't just stop. People that had been following me since 2015 came out to support and really had a great time. I loved it. I loved the energy, how everyone was just happy and enjoying the vibe. It felt natural.

February 24, 2018, I threw the very first Vibes Texas with the help of Ambruce and Lunch Break Sessions. I knew what I had envisioned for the journey. Just needed to test the waters. The event was great, it was beautiful, but half the venue was filled and it created doubt within. I was discouraged to say the least. I knew I could do better. I was worried nobody would actually understand what I was trying to build for our creatives in the city. I didn't give up though. I followed up with a second. Exactly one month later. With a stacked line up and so many creatives in the house to contribute and support the vibe. With Live Body art and music. It created a stamp for what Vibes Texas is. Art is all around us. The city has so much to offer. We have some of the most creative visual artists as well. The city is really talented and diverse. I don't think of "art" to be only painting or drawing. There's always so many different types of art throughout the event I can't even put a label or title cause everyone that is apart does multiple things. I'm always amazed at our vendors set up. I literally tell them to set up where you feel comfortable. Bring your vibe and just be completely you.

Since the start in 2018, we have held an event monthly. Visited New York in August 2018, to hold a two day art exhibit in Harlem. In 2019, we visited Lamar University to have Vibes Texas College Edition. It was amazing to see the youth have so much energy and passion at a young age for the same things I do. January 2020, we went to Austin with a handful of Dallas creatives to combine with "MFL World Wide". It was a great experience. We got a big Airbnb and had a whole creative trip. February we held our two year anniversary event and the whole venue to outside was packed. People I haven't seen in awhile that started with Vibes or just haven't had the time to step out in awhile was in there. It was a beautiful event just before I took a quick break to prepare for another opportunity I was offered to be apart of the Juneteenth production crew in Fort Worth, Texas. I am blessed to be able to have such an influential platform. If I haven't worked with an artist yet I am probably planning to. If I haven't met you yet I look forward to it soon. Thank you for supporting us, my vision and the vibe, Bless.

I hope my story inspires you. I hope you keep pushing to be whatever you wish to be and don't let anything hold you back. I started from being the most unknown person in this city to someone that's really doing what I can to make sure each and every artist I cross paths with is put in the position to win.


Be who you are and Do What You Want!

Special Shout out to my host, 23CUPS. Yes, he carries 23 cups around, too! He has been Vibes Texas's host since day one. He is important to the vibe and you can't mention vibes without mentioning him, ever. I couldn't have done any of this without him. He has provided great feedback and been a great partner in this whole journey. His ecstatic energy is attracting and really keeps the crowd on their toes. He's seen the good, the bad and the ugly in my whole process and we are only getting started. I appreciate his loyalty, honesty and just keeping it real always. Even when we don't agree we can always come to a common ground to make sure the crowd, the fans and the city receives nothing, but the best quality events and content.