'The New R&B Queen'

Lexaay, gives off the type energy you can’t help, but to love. She has a smile that is contagious and just overall an inspiring woman. My first take listening to her single 'No Rest' was YES! Living in an apartment I can definitely relate. I love how she made the most simplistic topic feel like such a vibe. The video added so much character to the song as well as herself as an artist. It felt like a great introduction to those that aren't as familiar to get more familiar. The women in the industry are killing it right now and I am loving it. Being a woman in the business I can tell you first hand it's not easy and especially for a strong black woman to come in busting doors down to make her own way and Lex is showing out! I listened to 'No Rest' quite a few times and the production, lyrics and the energy she brought was the overall perfect debut. Her team, ‘Courtesy of Good Company’, and herself have anticipated and built up the perfect momentum of her drop. It has been amazing to see so many other creatives put so much effort and support into making sure we all get hip to the new R&B queen in the city.

Seeing her perform for the first time at Vibes Texas on September 25th was nothing less than amazing. She had so much energy and she lit up the whole room with her confidence and voice. I always look forward to seeing how the artist and the crowd interact with each other and she went above and beyond. She had everyone's undivided attention her whole set. You can tell she's a natural born star. At the end of her performance they cheered her on for about 5 minutes and you could see the joy in her face. It was an unforgettable experience that I wish I could relive it. I look forward to her performing more and I am excited to support her journey to the top. Lexaay’s debut is just a drip of more phenomenal work to come. 


A message to Lexaay: Keep being great, love. You've completed the first step into being the woman you've dreamed to be. Take all of the joy and accomplishments in and always believe in yourself and remember why you started. We love the view! Bless!  

Shout out to Xela (@damnxela) for doing such a great job on the production.


Shout out to Nicely Done Visuals (@nicelydonevisuals) for delivering such a great visual for us to enjoy.

Instagram: Instagram.com/lexaayyy

Twitter: twitter.com/1lexaayyy       


You can view everything about Lexaay here linktr.ee/lexaayyy


Written by Romii Rae