FreeBlck., has had my undivided attention since the day I seen the video for "No I.D" for the first time. I was looking forward to their project for weeks!. I loved that their album "Get Home" was available on Adius only when it dropped. Nice networking strategy and also a nice way to introduce their viewers to a new music platform. Now, you are able to find their album on all streaming platforms. The delivery on every song is impeccable. The way all three of these men come together and sound as one, but make it fly is impressive. They each have their own style and a lot to offer to the trio and it shows on “Get Home” so well. I enjoyed hearing each of their perspectives of being a black man in America. Their energy is so welcoming and respectful you can’t help, but to enjoy their company, raps and vibes. 


They include a lot of melodies, instruments and soul in their music. It’s a nice taste of what they have in store for 2021 and beyond. I love it! It’s incredible being able to witness the process and growth they have experienced in just one year of working hard together. 


I look forward to so much more and they definetly have the love and support from Vibes Texas. 


With love, Rome. 

Photos captured by StayBright

My top picks

It was so hard to pick my favorites because honestly the whole album is dope. I slimmed my list down to GardenOfDope, No ID, F.A.B and Ventilation. I love how GardenOfDope loops “Rapping Black”. It just sits in your mind. Each time I have went to see them perform that is the one for me. I can’t wait to see more from FreeBlck. and I feel like for anyone that enjoys great music will, too.